Organization of trainings and seminars

An individual approach to the execution of each order, attentive attitude to the invitees, excellent service and professionalism are the basic principles of the work of the Nord Eagle event-agency.

Training of employees of the company and their continuous development is the main key to the success of any business. The company Nord Eagle organizes trainings and seminars of any format and any turnkey complexity. The organization of these events includes: drawing up a training program to make the staff feel comfortable (not overloaded), site selection depending on the number of students, catering (coffee break, buffet), selection of specially trained coaches and teachers. Improving your competitiveness is your main task, and organizing the rest can be trusted with Nord Eagle!


Full construction event

You can do everything alone (really, but difficult), you can connect friends to the process. And you can contact us - the agency, which is interested, so that you not only realize all your plans, but also save

Just for you

We are not worth the task of winding up in events to the maximum. The bigger the event, the harder it is to control. The lower the control, the worse our clients' trust in us. Therefore, the main thing for us is to do what is required. And make high quality

You're VIP

No, this block is not dedicated to large state institutions and organizations. He is dedicated to you and speaks about our relationship to you. Our client is our work, our life, therefore we will treat you as the only one, as a VIP

Technical capabilities

Sound equipment, lighting, catering, accompaniment. Design the stage, put tents, rent a deck, provide technical support for the conference - our possibilities are limited only by your needs.

Will not be more expensive

We will always select the most profitable unit, due to established relationships with contractors and freelancers. This is our main advantage developed over such a long period of time of our existence. No, it won't cost more. Make it cheaper

We don't leave our people

Sometimes two heads are good, but one is better. Especially for you. That is why for each project we are providing a separate manager. Manager is always in touch, always knows better what is needed at that or another event. We called him «The Solver». Just for you.

Organization of trainings and seminars

The organization of trainings and full construction seminars includes:

  • Develop an individual event program
  • Site rental (in the city or outside the city)
  • Organization of the technical component of the event: light, sound, video
  • Dressing: installing platforms, stands, tents, etc.
  • Catering
  • Selection of presenters, coaches, speakers
  • Transfer